Welcome to the ESDAL2 Information Portal

ESDAL2 is now available to all users at https://esdal.nationalhighways.co.uk The focus has been on making it faster and easier to use based on feedback from stakeholders; although as with any new system there will be a learning curve while users become familiar with the changes.

Existing usernames and passwords have been enabled on the new system; please contact the Helpdesk if you need to reset your password or to be reminded of your username. If you are not able to get through straight away please be patient; the team will answer your enquiry as soon as possible.

Tutorials for the new system are available to view here at www.esdal2.com/help.php, and online Help files are available within ESDAL2 by clicking on the question mark ? in the top right hand corner of any page.

ESDAL2 does not require any specific hardware or software to run, but it will work best with recent versions of all the major browsers: Internet Explorer (v10 minimum), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari (v6 minimum).

Please note the new Helpdesk telephone number is 0300 470 3733, and the new email address is esdalenquiries@nationalhighways.co.uk .